Salvatore Papa first visited Australia, on holiday, back in 1987. During his stay in Sydney, Salvatore noticed that there was an absence of ‘Italy’ in the breads and pastries served here in Australia.

Upon his return to Italy, Salvatore shared his experiences with his family and, true to his nature, he decided the Australian people deserved to experience the wonderful homemade recipes he had grown up with.

In 1988, Salvatore returned to Australia and established his business in Haberfield, preparing the traditional, heartwarming recipes that instantly resonated with locals. Word quickly spread about Salvatore’s amazing breads and pastries and the rest is history… Pasticceria Papa was born!

Today, Pasticceria Papa has a thriving retail and wholesale operation. Our café is a Sydney institution and we also supply our delicious and unmistakable range of breads & pastries to many of Sydney’s finest restaurants and venues. Pasticceria Papa’s continued success and drive is based on the core ideal of using only tried and tested recipes and the finest quality ingredients, coupled with Salvatore’s passionate commitment to retaining traditional flavours.

Our famous ricotta cheese cake is just the beginning of a selection of utterly irresistible Italian pastries that can’t be found anywhere else. That’s why we believe “Papa knows best”.

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