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  • Salvatore Papa accepted the Small/Medium Enterprise Business Excellence Award at Dolton House.

  • Our Baked Ricotta Cake featured in Vogue Bride 2017.

  • Today the Sunrise team celebrates Sam Armytage’s birthday with a Papa’s Chocolate mudcake. Happy Birthday!

  • Thank you for the great review on our Bondi Restaurant. It was a pleasure serving you authentic Italian cuisine.    

  • On Wednesday 30 May 2018 Pasticceria Papa was proud to support the Biaggio Signorelli Asbestos Foundation. The foundation was created by the Signorelli Family to raise fundsĀ 

  • Pasticceria Papa received the award for Outstanding Bakery/Cake Shop at the Inner West Local Business Awards.  

  • In October Mr and Mrs Papa had the pleasure of welcoming the Italian ambassador Stefano Gatti and his wife to the Haberfield store.

  • Our Head chef along with our Operations Manager spent the morning atĀ Rai Italia, Australia’s Italian-speaking radio network.      

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