Continental Cake


Papa’s Continental Cake is made with layers of vanilla sponge moistened with Strega liqueur, chocolate and vanilla custard filling. Finished with fresh cream and fresh fruit decoration, you may choose to have crushed almonds, chocolate shavings or 100’s and 1,000’s on the sides.


Standard Sizes

8 people $35.00
15 people $49.00


The Continental Cake can also be made with chocolate sponge and/or different fillings (for an additional charge) such as:

• Ricotta
• Hazelnut
• Coffee
• Chantilly Cream
• Pistachio
• Ferrero Rocher
• Zuppa Inglese
• Fresh Strawberries
• Strawberry Jam & Cream

Please make sure to let us know if you would prefer your cake to be made without liqueur.

Fruit and chocolate decoration on cakes may vary from the picture.